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Implementing Regulatory Compliance: Understanding RegNMS 605 and 606 for Order Execution and Routing Disclosure

Updated: Jan 3

The Requirement

In response to the dynamic regulatory landscape and internal operational necessities, a prominent broker-dealer addressed the evolving requirements surrounding SEC Rules 605 and 606. Recognizing the critical need to augment transparency, timeliness, and systematic efficiencies in reporting order execution and routing practices, the organization entrusted RegEdge with the mandate to orchestrate a multifaceted solution.

The primary requirement was to enhance the reporting of order execution and routing practices in adherence to SEC Rules 605 and 606. To achieve this, our team was asked to spearhead the transition of vendors that would aid the firm by providing integrated data analysis, ensure robust compliance conformity, and enhance strategic data reformatting. This strategic initiative was designed to exceed regulatory expectations, reinforcing the commitment to adherence and excellence in compliance.


The Solutions


Seamless Vendor Transition

The client was using two different vendors for the final reporting submission for CAT and 605, 606. In order to gain consistency, and gain efficiency in the reporting, RegEdge facilitated the transition of 605 and 606 into the same vendor the firm were using for CAT reporting. This involved a meticulous evaluation of data structures, thematic data concepts & data requirements for CAT and 605, 605 reporting. In addition, RegEdge played a crucial role in transforming the current data structure into the vendor-specific format to ensure a smooth transition and data compatibility. The transition was executed with minimal disruption to daily operations.


Compliance Conformity

The project focused on ensuring robust compliance conformity with SEC Rules 605 and 606. RegEdge worked closely with the compliance team to implement controls and checks that aligned with regulatory requirements, providing a solid foundation for conformity. This required constant reviews to validate the completeness and quality of all reported events.


Enhanced Data Reformatting

Our team meticulously reconciled data from diverse organizational sources, amalgamating it into a structured format. A framework was built for precise client data mapping to the vendor-specific format, ensuring regulatory compliance. This streamlined the regulatory file submission process, enhancing overall operational efficiency within the firm. The initiative not only met immediate compliance needs but also established a foundation for sustained adherence to evolving regulatory standards, demonstrating RegEdge's commitment to excellence in data management for enhanced regulatory efficiency.


The Results and Benefits

The organization experienced enhanced transparency in reporting order execution and routing practices. Real-time insights allowed stakeholders to make informed decisions and ensured a heightened level of accountability. Additionally, systematic efficiencies were achieved through the integration of data analysis tools and enhanced data reformatting. This not only improved compliance but also contributed to overall operational efficiencies within the organization.

The strategic initiative designed by RegEdge exceeded regulatory expectations. The broker-dealer reinforced its commitment to excellence in compliance, positioning itself as a proactive and compliant entity in the financial industry.

In conclusion, our work showcased the ability to address complex regulatory requirements with a strategic and comprehensive approach. The results achieved, not only ensured compliance, but demonstrated to the broker-dealer how to ensure best practice in transparency, timeliness, and systematic efficiencies when reporting order execution and routing.

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